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Top 7 Most Challenging Ski Runs in North America

Hey Skiers! How's your 20-21 snow season? If you feel confident and find yourself looking further afield for the next thrill, you're on the right page! NASUFUN is going to introduce you to the Top 7 Most Challenging Ski Runs in North America! Hitting on these trails requires not only the professional-level skills but the gut of skiers.

1. Rambo, Crested Butte Mountain, Colorado, USA

Rambo is the ski run that won't be missing from any of the top lists. With a max gradient of 55 degrees, Rambo has the record of "the steepest ski run in the United States." Rambo is a 200-meter-long-straight, allow the skiers to ski down the magnificent slope at full speed. Watch out! The moguls on the run would bring you an exciting and breathtaking sliding experience.

2. Corbet's Couloir, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

A destination piste if such a thing exists, Corbet's Couloir is where many snow sports enthusiasts flock to prove themselves and their prowess. The most common scenery here is the crowd of onlookers. The entrance surrounded by rock walls is very narrow. Before a big turn to the run, you'll fall about 6 meters straight, requiring a leap of faith.

3. Pipeline Couloir, Snowbird, Utah, USA

Located at the summit of 3,352 meters, Pipeline Couloir, with its hiking difficulty, dissuade many visitors. As the name suggests, Pipeline is about-4-meter narrow and has a near-vertical dive at the entrance. No wonder it is on the list of things for skiers to do before they die.

4. Delirium Dive, Sunshine Valley, Banff, Canada

This run is very much weather-dependent, as it opens when the weather permits and the avalanche risk is low enough. Meanwhile, the lift operators won't let you up unless you're packing your own avalanche receivers and have a companion. The skiers will be well rewarded for his/her courage with the glorious views over the Lake Louise and a relatively easy-and-relaxing run after the bowl, it is just getting there that poses a problem.

5. Fingers, Squaw Vally, California, USA

Squaw Valley is located near Lake Tahoe, is one of the most famous ski resorts in the United States. There are many famous ski runs like Palisades, Eagles Nest, Silverado, etc. For the Fingers, the middle knuckle is the hardest and often a favorite by skiers. What makes this difficult is the speed, the wind and the icy landing.

6. Christmas Chute, Alyeska, Alaska, USA

As the setting for many ski movies, the Alaska scenery goes without saying. The Christmas Chute, and its neighbor, New Year's Chute, are the most popular double-black ski runs in Alaska. The total height drop is nearly 800 meters, with an average gradient of 45 degrees, the Christmas Chute will bring you the ultimate experience of "flying" in the ice world.

7. Icefall, Tuckerman Ravine, New Hampshire, USA

Last but not least, the icefall piste from Tucker Ravine is not far from our Northeastern Skiers! On the southeast face of Mt.Washington, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Tucker Ravine, the glacial cirque is well-known for many "spring skiers". The best time is between March to July. In this period, the temperatures are relatively mild but the natural snowpack — which averages up to 55 feet in a typical winter — is still adequate to ski most seasons.

Tuckerman Ravine has many different runs that span the bowl, all as steep as 40 to 55 degrees. The Icefall, which is 55 degrees, requires skiers to go off cliffs as tall as 25 feet (7.6 m). Even the easiest run, "The Sluice", averages about 40 degrees.


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