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8 Best Running Routes for spring in Massachusetts

Spring is in the air! The clear skies, warmer temperatures, and crisp air make for optimal conditions for a comfortable run -- it is the best time for us to go outdoor jogging! NASUFUN recommends you eight best running routes here in Massachusetts.

This recommendation is to sort by distance. A map and easy-to-follow directions accompany each route.

1. Freedom Trail Route

  • Distance: 2.5 miles

  • Starting point: Boston Common

  • Endpoint: Bunker Hill Monument

Freedom Trail is one of the most famous trails for city view in the United States. Starting from Boston Common, you'll pass 16 historical spots, including Park Street Church, Old North Church, The Paul Revere House, etc. This route is of moderate length thus is user-friendly for even novice runners. You can call a few friends and choose this route to start your first spring run in 2021; just awake yourselves after a long winter!

2. The MIT Bridge Route

  • Distance: 2.71 miles

  • Starting point: Storrow Dive

  • Endpoint: MIT Bridge

This route winds along both sides of the Charles River and crosses the Longfellow and BU Bridges, providing joggers the stunning spring views along the riverbank.

3. The Riverway Route

  • Distance: 2.81 miles

  • Starting point: Boston University

  • Endpoint: Brookline Avenue

This route cuts through South BU Campus to the Riverway, a series of walking paths surrounding the Muddy River and part of the Fenway parks known as the "Emerald Necklace". This route is shaded for a cool running experience.

4. The Fenway Route

  • Distance: 3.18 miles

  • Starting point: Park Dive

  • Endpoint: Brookline Avenue

This route takes you along the Fenway neighborhood and is a great combination of both city sidewalks and natural views. Starting from the BU Beach, you’ll pass plenty of Boston landmarks like Fenway Park, the Fenway Victory Gardens, Kenmore Square, and more.

5. Fresh Pond Reservation

  • Distance: 3.2 miles

  • Location: 180-220 Fresh Pond Parkway, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2138

Fresh Pond is Cambridge City's reservoir. It covers 162 acres and is surrounded by trails and dense forest. Apart from the occasional view across the street from the pond, the park is like a quiet place tucked away in the city, offering a fresh escape for the runners from the city's hustle and bustle.

Fesh Pond is also a perfect spot to spend spring weekends with your family and friends.

6. Crosstown Trail at Wellesley

  • Distance: 5 miles

  • Starting point: Newton Lower Falls

  • Endpoint: Wellesley College

Wellesley is well-known as the best place in Boston's suburb, with its beautiful natural scenery, fun amenities and off-road trails around it. The crosstown trail is an excellent choice for runners to come for spring jogging.

7. East Boston Path & Greenway

  • Distance: 5 miles

  • Starting point: Airport or Maverick T Stations

This trail is adjacent to Logan International Airport. You can get there quickly on the Blue Line (airport or Maverick station). For those who live near the airport, congrats! You got a great place for morning jogging, and biking as well.

8. Harvard and MIT Tour

  • Distance: 8 miles

  • Starting point: Harvard Stadium

  • Endpoint: MIT University

The last route has a robust campus atmosphere and would be one of the best runs at weekends. It takes you from the Harvard Stadium, passes by Cambridge and the Charles Riverside, and you’ll eventually be back where you began.

Just grab your sneakers and hit the trails!


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