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The 10 Unique Ski Resorts in Northeast

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

The Appalachian Mountain Series is one of the most important mountain series in North America. She embraced the vapor of the North Atlantic Ocean and produced countless and various ski resorts to the East US, especially in New England and Upstate New York.

Let's take a look at 10 unique ski resorts in the East US!

1. Killington, VT | Biggest Ski Resort on East Coast

Run: 155

Lift: 21

Vertical: 3,050 feet

Skiable Area: 1,509 acres

Killington is the biggest ski resort on the east coast. Skiers call it "the Beast of the East" for its large scale. It is located in the middle of Vermont, about 3-hour driving from Boston or 5-hour driving from NYC.

Intermediate and advanced skiers could take the Gondola from the K-1 base to its peak and enjoy the magnificent views of the 7 mountains in the resort.

Killington provides a long and wide green run near the base lodge for beginners to practice their basic skills without repeatedly getting on and off the magic carpet.

2. Sugarloaf, ME | The Only Above-the-Treeline Skiing on East Coast

Run: 160

Lift: 14

Vertical: 2,820 feet

Skiable Area: 1,240 acres

Sugarloaf is located in Carrabassett Valley of Maine. It is the biggest ski resort statewide and the second largest one in the eastern US. It takes 4 hours or 7.5 hours driving to Sugarloaf from Boston or NYC. Due to its remote location, Sugarloaf is a better choice for multi-day trip skiers.

Sugarloaf is known for its lift-serviced above-the-treeline skiing. Skiers come here for the breathtaking and thrilling skiing experience on the treetop.

3. Stowe, VT | The Ski Capital of the East

Run: 116

Lift: 12

Vertical: 2,0360 feet

Skiable Area: 485 acres

Located in northern Vermont, Stowe gets famous for its luxury and thorough service around the ski resort. With more than 50 bars and restaurants with different styles to choose from, skiers will never feel sorry for their stomachs in Stowe.

With the reputation of "the ski capital of the east," Stowe is worth it for skiers to drive 3.5 hours or 6 hours from Boston or NYC.

4. Jay Peak, VT | The Best Destination of Family Ski Trip

Run: 76

Lift: 8

Vertical: 2,153 feet

Skiable Area: 385 acres

In Vermont's further north, Jay Peak almost reaches the US-Canada border. It will take 4 hours or 6.5 hours driving from Boston or NYC to there, while it will only take less than 2 hours drive from Montreal, Canada. Before the pandemic, more than half of Jay Peak's skiers came from Canada.

Jay Peak is the snowiest ski resort on the east coast. Despite the snow's outstanding quality, Jay Peak also provides plenty of recreational activities like an indoor water park, wall climbing, ice-skating, golfing, and hot tub.

5. Sunday River, ME | Resort with the Most Terrain Diversity

Run: 135

Lift: 15

Vertical: 2,340 feet

Skiable Area: 870 acres

In the southwest of Maine, Sunday River owns an astounding number of 8 mountains, making it the ski resort with the most terrain diversity in the eastern US. Its "expert" level runs, especially the fantastic Jordan Bowl, are the must-go for advanced skiers.

Sunday River is the second largest ski resort in Maine. Skiers need to drive 3.5 or 7 hours from Boston or NYC.

6. Whiteface, NY | The Only Olympian Ski Resort on East Coast

Run: 87

Lift: 11

Vertical: 3,166 feet

Skiable Area: 314 acres

The Whiteface Ski Resort was the 1932 and 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympic Games venue. It is the only 2-time Olympic Ski Resort in America. It is also the ski resort with the biggest vertical difference in the eastern US.

Whiteface has the best snow quality on the East Coast, and it is the best choice for those powder lovers. If you want to experience other Winter Olympic events like skeleton or luge, Whiteface will be your choice.

7. Mount Snow, VT | Best Terrain Parks on East Coast

Run: 86

Lift: 20

Vertical: 1,700 feet

Skiable Area: 600 acres

Mount Snow is located in the Green Mountains National Forest in Southern Vermont. It is Vermont's closest big mountain to many Northeast metropolitan areas. Mount Snow has 12 terrain parks, including natural and artificial terrains and the first superpipe on the East Coast. Mount Snow was the co-host of the first Extreme Games in 1995 and host of the X-Games in 2000 and 2001.

8. Stratton, VT | Best Ski School on East Coast

Run: 99

Lift: 13

Vertical: 2,003 feet

Skiable Area: 625 acres

Stratton Ski Resort located in the Green Mountains National Forest in Southern Vermont. Stratton is the home of the nation's first Ski School for Juniors and the world's first snowboarding school. It is also the US Ski & Snowboard Association's official partner.

There is no better place on the East Coast for those skiers who want to receive professional and systematic ski training than Stratton.

9. Loon Mountain, NH | Best Resort for Intermediate Skiers

Run: 61

Lift: 12

Vertical: 2,100 feet

Skiable Area: 370 acres

Loon Mountain is located in the White Mountain National Forest in Middle New Hampshire. Due to most of the Loon Mountain trails being green and blue runs, Loon Mountain is the best choice for intermediate skiers.

People could also choose ice-tubing and ice-skating to have fun and spend time with family and friends despite skiing in Loon Mountain.

10. Sugarbush, VT | Resort with Best Cost Performance

Run: 111

Lift: 16

Vertical: 2,600 feet

Skiable Area: 484 acres

Close to Killington and Stowe, Sugarbush is a resort you could enjoy high-quality service at a lower price and avoid crowds. Due to the lack of attractive surrounding recreational activities and nightlife options, Sugarbush got ignored by many family skiers and skiers for social purposes. However, for those skiers who want to concentrate on skiing and upgrade their skills, Sugarbush is the place with the highest cost performance.

Meanwhile, with fewer crowds, Sugarbush is also the place with the highest chance to ski on freshly-groomed snow.

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