Ski & Snowboard Level

Updated: Mar 9

Ski Level:

Level 1 - Beginner, I have never skied before Level 2 - I can ski a little but I have never ridden a lift and can neither stop nor turn Level 3 - I can make wedge turns in both directions Level 4 - I can make rythmical skidded turns and ride the beginner chair Level 5 - I can match my skies throughout the last half of my turn Level 6 - I am developing my parallel turn and am exploring all intermediate terrain Level 7 - I can keep my skies parallel throughout my entire turn Level 8 - I can ski almost anywhere with parallel turns that are dynamic and consistent Level 9 - I am an excellent parallel skier and can ski on varied terrain and varied snow conditions Freestyle - Learn how to use the terrain park and its elements safely.

Snowboard Level:

Level 1 - Beginner, I have never ridden before Level 2 - I can maneuver with one foot and can slip on heel-side and toe-side Level 3 - I can perform a skidded traverse on both heel side and toe-side edges and can stop Level 4 - I can perform elementary and heel-side and toe-side Level 5 - I can readily link turns and control speed by turning Level 6 - I can perform linked, skidded turns in varying size with good control on more challenging terrain Level 7 - I am beginning to carve turns and am comfortable on all intermediate terrain Level 8 - I am fine turning carves of various size and can ride various terrain Level 9 - I can ride all terrain comfortably and want to explore the extremes of riding Freestyle - Learn how to use the terrain park and its elements safely.

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