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Zoar Outdoor Adventure Resort

Zip Line Canopy Tour

Registration is not yet open, please check back later
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Zip Line Canopy Tour
Zip Line Canopy Tour

Time & Location

2020年10月10日 GMT-4 09:30 – 2020年10月11日 GMT-4 16:00

Zoar Outdoor Adventure Resort, 17 Main St, Charlemont, MA 01339, USA



  • You should arrive at our base about 15 minutes before your start time to register and get ready. When you enter our base, our guides and base staff will help you register. You will be asked to sign a waiver of liability (minors will need to sign their own and have a parent/guardian sign it as well) and we will check to ensure that you have proper footwear and clothing, aren't wearing any dangling jewelry and are wearing your hair in a way that keeps it from being an entanglement hazard.
  • After you've registered and been weighed, we will help you get into and properly fit your harness and helmet. Then it's up to the practice zip!
  • A short hike from the base, our practice zip gives you a chance to get comfortable with zipping, braking and self-rescue on a short, low zip line. Once everyone is checked out and able to safely zip, our guides will take you up to the vehicles that will transport you to the top of the course.
  • A 10-minute 4x4 ride brings you half a mile and 500 feet vertically uphill to the start of the course where a short hike leads to the first take-off platform. The first zip is slow and short to give you a chance to get acclimated to flying through the trees. The second zip leads to a spectacular view of the Deerfield River Valley and the northern Berkshires as you perch over the edge of the ridge on a 100+ year old pine tree. As you travel down the course, the zips get longer and faster.

Location17 Main St, Charlemont, MA 01339, USA


10/10 Saturday 1PM-4PM (3 hours)

10/11 Sunday 9AM-12PM(3 hours)

Event includes:

  • 10-minute 4x4 ride
  • 500 feet high zip line experience
  • Harness
  • Helmet



What to Bring: 

  • Hat or balaclava that will fit under a climbing helmet
  • Wool or Polypropylene long underwear top and bottom
  • Insulated ski jacket or layers of fleece with a weatherproof shell
  • Wool or Fleece socks
  • Ski pants
  • Boots(insulated)
  • Ski goggles
  • Deerfield Valley Canopy Tours will provide you with gloves to wear


  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your start time in order to get registered. We do start on time and if you are late, we may not be able to accommodate you. We do not refund for guests who are late.
  • Registration for the Zip Line trip takes place in our Green Zip Building at 17 Main St. in Charlemont, MA. (Located on the other side of our base from the Red House.) You can park in the unpaved lot in front of our Green Zip Building.
  • Our minimum age for Zip Lining is 10 years old.
  • Participants must weigh between 70 and 250 lbs.
  • We weigh all participants prior to the trip.


  • 10/13 10am ZipLine Canopy Tour

    稅額:+US$2.55 Fee
  • 10/10 1PM Zip Line Canopy Tour

    稅額:+US$2.97 Fee
  • Donation

    Feel free to donate to support NASU. Click on the number of the ticket to raise the amount.

    稅額:+US$0.03 Fee
  • 10/4 1pm Zip Line Canopy Tour

    稅額:+US$2.97 Fee



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