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NASUFUN focuses on the planning and operations of offline sports and outdoor events. Since the establishment in 2018, NASUFUN has organized more than 490 offline events, got more than 50k members in the Eastern United States, and the number is still growing rapidly. 




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NASUFUN Corp. pays more attention to the development and operation of online sports social platforms. It aims to build a mobile social APP based on geographic location and sports themes.

NASUFUN calculates and recommends related interest groups, high-quality activities and sports business resources based on the user's personal information, location, hobbies and other preference. At the same time, it also combines social functions to support interaction between users, helping them conduct sports invitations and sports dating through the platform more easily. The APP aims that, in the process of linking and integrating B2B and B2C resources, it will effectively solve the problems such as venues, communities and prices encountered by users in the current sports market. The APP is currently under beta and will be officially launched in 2020.

新成立的NASUFUN Corp. 则是更关注线上运动社交平台的开发及运营,旨在搭建一个基于地理位置、以运动为主题的移动社交APP NASUFUN,方便用户在平台上自主分享和参与各类运动类社交活动。NASUFUN将根据用户的个人基本信息、位置定位、兴趣爱好等信息,计算并推送附近的相关兴趣群组、优质活动和运动类商家资源。同时,又结合社交功能,支持用户之间的双向互动,帮助用户通过平台更便利地进行运动邀约,运动交友等。该APP希望在联结整合B2B和B2C的资源的过程中,切实解决用户在当前运动市场中遇到的场地、社群和价格等痛点。APP目前已在内测中,将于2020年正式上线。

Meet Our Team

Hannah Chen

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Public Relations Specialist hannah.ch@nasu.fun

Alice Yang

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Operation Department Manager

Email: alice.yang@nasu.fun

Chloë Yu

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Digital Marketing Strategist



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