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Joyful Fishing Vancouver/Richmond

Experience a wonderful fishing trip with Joyful Fishing in Vancouver!

During the inshore fishing trip, you will have the opportunity to catch a variety of fish. Our clean, safe, spacious and comfortable 30-foot professional fishing boat equipped with a bathroom and WiFi. Our experienced captains will ensure you have a wonderful fishing day trip.


We will take you to secret fishing spots around Vancouver Island and along the coast, allowing you to enjoy the most joyful fishing experience! Don't wait any longer, plan your trip today!

Trip list

Trip availability and prices


Our Boats

*Note: Captain may switch boat depends on availability

  • Kingfisher 3025: 30 foot luxurious and professional fishing charter;

  • Equipped with safety equipment(life raft), professional fish radar and safety operating instructions;

  • Fishing charter business registered and insured;

  • Maximum capacity: 8 people.

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  • What do I need to bring before boarding?
    Since this not a charter, you are responsible for purchasing your own recreational fishing permit (the minimum is 3-days Permit fee is $17 per person, you can purchase them from If you want to take home some sashimi, please bring your cooler. Then suncream and seasick pill
  • What does my trip fee include?
    It does NOT include your recreational fishing permit, but includes an offshore fishing boat, fishing gear (rod,reel,jig,hook etc.), and baits.
  • Does the boat come with a bathroom?
    It does not, although the dock has a restroom facility.
  • What types of fishing does G-Hunter offer?
    We will be focusing on sport fishing style, that's jigging, and popping. If you are not familiar with these, no worries! we can also use live-line with bait to help you catch fish. WE DO NOT TROLL!
  • What fish can I catch?
    We target any inshore species from Yellowtail Snappers, Mutton Snappers, and Red Snappers to extraordinary game fish like Blackfin Tuna, Giant Amberjack, Wahoo, Sailfish, and maybe the Goliath Grouper!

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