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Room Escape Boston

$4 off Coupon


How to use:

1. Please make a reservation on Room Escape Boston's website.

2. Apply the promo code "ROOMESCAPEBOSTON_NASU_2022".

3. Check out and complete the payment.

Promo code: ROOMESCAPEBOSTON_NASU_2022   (Copy the code here!)

Expiry date: December 31, 2022.


•    Group size: 2-8
•    Time in room: 1 HOUR
•    Free parking available

•    Language: English

A mysterious tip had led you to the subterranean bunker of your sworn enemy - Dr. Boom. 
The fate of the world rests on you and your team foiling his devious plan, but venturing inside will almost definitely be a trap. Will you be able to outwit your enemy and escape with his plans?
•    DIFFICULTY: 4/5
•    Age: 7+

A string of disappearances has plagued a sleepy mountain town, with the locals whispering of witchcraft and rituals.
Your team has formed the task force in charge of tracking down the victims. After a long search, you set up camp in an abandoned cabin, but as the sun goes down, the nightmare truly begins..
•    DIFFICULTY: 3/5
•    Age: 10+
*Note: JUNIOR ESCAPES(difficulty adjusted) available, ADA(disable people) available

Operation Hours:

o    Mon - Fri: 4pm - 8pm
o    Saturday: 11am - 8pm
o    Sunday: 11am - 6pm

Location: 121 Webster Ave #3, Chelsea, MA 02150

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