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NASU Maple Trip Recommendations

Fall foliage train tours offer a unique way to take in the colors of fall, and with so many to choose from, there’s the perfect ride for everyone.

Read on for a list of fall foliage train tours in New England!

Corn Maze Events:


1. Mount Washington Cog Railway


The Mount Washington Cog Railway offers one of the best fall foliage train tours in New England, with sweeping views of fall’s color show from the highest peak in the Northeast. 

Mount Washington Cog Railway建立于1869年,是世界上第一条登山齿轮铁路,也是世界第二陡峭的铁路。进入金秋9月,这里成为最受大家喜爱的地方,因为这里拥有新英格兰最好的观光火车之一,火车将会带领游客们穿越色彩缤纷的落叶林,一路向Mountain Washington的顶峰进发。

2. Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train


Looking for a classy way to witness the fall foliage of New England? Consider booking passage on the Café Lafayette Dinner Train. Indulge in a five-course meal as you spend two hours traveling through the heart of New England.

Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train是推荐的第二个枫叶火车之旅。因为在这里,你不仅能够欣赏到美丽的景色,还有美味的美食。2小时的旅程,将会沿着Pemi River行驶20英里。从北 Woodstock火车站,一路向南出发。穿过丛林,3座桥,经过Jack-o-Lantern高尔夫球场,和Thornton的圣诞树农场,最后返回北 Woodstock火车站。

3. Conway Scenic Railroad


Enjoy beautiful vistas of the White Mountains in all their autumnal glory on the Conway Scenic Railroad. Take your pick from a variety of fall foliage train tours and adventures: the Autumn Express, the Pumpkin Patch Express, or the Murder Mystery Dinner Train.

Conway Scenic Railroad主站位于新罕布什尔州历史悠久的White Mountain地区。它建于1874年的维多利亚车站,相邻经典的环形大厅,提供了新英格兰19世纪最权威的铁路环境,被国家列入了历史遗迹名录。不仅如此,Conway Scenic Railroad还提供了3种不同的火车形成供乘客选择。他们分别为the Autumn Express, the Pumpkin Patch Express, 和 the Murder Mystery Dinner Train.

4. Hobo & Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad


One of the few fall foliage train tours in New England to operate daily September 17th to October 16th, the Hobo Harvest Time Express takes passengers along the Pemigewasset River and near the famous Kancamagus highway for some breathtaking views of the changing leaves. After your ride, spend some time at the farm stand and farmyard for some seasonal activities.



5. Hoosac Valley Train Ride


Enjoy a scenic ride between North Adams and Adams, Massachusetts while you pick up a few facts about the region and its history throughout this narrated hour-long fall foliage train tour.

说出来你可能不相信,这列火车的年龄居然高达100岁。Hoosac Valley Train Ride将提供10英里的往返旅程,在大约1小时的旅程中,乘客们将听到当地的历史故事,和现在城镇的发展介绍。我们可以欣赏风景的沿途,一边学习历史啦。



While Cape Cod Railroad does not specifically offer fall foliage tours, they have several other tours including “Oktoberfest” and “Vines & Views Wine Tasting” which run through October, offering passengers a luxurious experience surrounded by some of Cape Cod’s most idyllic scenery.

虽然Cape Cod铁路没有专门提供秋叶之旅的货车,但他们还有其他几项火车之旅,包括“啤酒节”和“葡萄品酒会”,这些活动都将持续到10月,在往返仅仅2个小时的行程中,乘客们可以近距离接触大自然,其中包括林地、沙丘、蔓越莓沼泽、盐沼、野生动物、玻璃工业、古老村庄、和著名的Cape Code运河的海岸生态。

Covid-19 protections:

- All customers are required to wear face masks.

- Practice social distancing and maintain a 6-foot distance from other visitors.

- If you are sick or believe you have been exposed, please do no visit.

- Limiting the number of guests on the farm following CDC and state guidelines.

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