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Supreme has now officially unveiled its Spring/Summer 2020 collection!!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

In the preview last week, the scene of the late rap superstar 2Pac wearing Supreme panties slowly on the stage performance has already caused many fans to scream!

This season's new products are even more elaborate. The products are mainly patterns, patchwork, and prints, with reference to many artistic inspirations and sports activities. They also draw on the design of 90s rap portraits and tabloid magazine covers. The collection covers the following categories: Jackets, Tops, Sweats, Tees, Bottoms, Hats, Bags, Accessories.

Supreme 2020 spring and summer new release information:

● On Thursday, February 20, only available in stores in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, and London;

● On Saturday, February 22, Tokyo stores in Japan;

● On Sunday, February 27th, online.

Do you like these styles?! If you like Supreme 2020 Spring styles, please pay attention on the release date!

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